Jordan is a country with an incredibly rich history. When planning a trip there, it can be overwhelming to determining where to go, what to see and do. Here is a list of four of the top tourist destinations in Jordan.


Many trips to Jordan will begin here, in the nation’s capital. You are quite likely to fly into and out of Amman. Nicknamed the white city as a nod to the architecture of low stone houses, Amman offers modern and historical places to see. Visit the Citadel to explore the Temple of Hercules and Roman Theater, carved into the side of the hill and still in use today.

Visit the Royal Automobile Museum, the Jordan Museum, and the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art for some modern attractions. The Royal Automobile Museum is a tour through the personal car collection of the late King of Jordan. His extensive collection is a sight to behold, a must see for any car aficionado. The Jordan Museum provides a look at Jordan’s past, present and future. The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art shines a spotlight on artistic masterpieces.

If you find yourself on any escorted tours in Jordan, these next two amazing areas will surely be included in your itinerary.


To visit Jerash is to take a step back in history. It is one of the few places in the world that can boast of continuous human settlement for more than 6500 years Jerash is also home to one of the most well preserved ancient Roman settlements in the world. First discovered about 70 years ago, excavations have revealed temples and churches, theaters and fountains, public baths and public squares, and streets still paved and colonnaded.

While in Jerash, don’t miss out on an excursion to Ajloun Castle, one of the few fortresses built to protect the region from Crusader attacks. Today the castle is home to a museum which displays artifacts of the region

The Dead Sea

To call this body of water the Dead Sea is actually a misnomer. The Dead Sea is really a lake. So many fascinating facts about the Dead Sea exist. First, the water is five to ten times as salty as typical sea water. This gives rise to some interesting conditions. The density of the water makes it practically impossible to sink. It also discourages any fish or other sea life to call its waters home. This fascinating water is reputed to have healing powers as well.


Of course, no trip to Jordan would be complete without a visit to Petra. Also known as the Rose Red City, this ancient Nabatean city is a sight to behold. Springing up out of the desert like a mirage, it invites you to enter through a narrow canyon, opening to dramatic views, such as the Al Khazneh Treasury Monument.

With so much to see and do in this fascinating country, make sure to make the most of your trip to Jordan.


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