The 35th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) will be lighting up silver screens all over the Canadian city from September 9th to 19th 2010.

The Festival always draws the world’s biggest movie stars and directors to the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, as it’s known as an important launching pad for some of the best of Canadian, Hollywood, and international cinema.

It is also widely regarded as the world’s most popular and important film festival being next only to Cannes.

The festival showcases world cinema classics and contemporary art house films and also features an International Film Festival aimed at children, known as Sprockets, as well as workshops designed for school groups and families.

Some of the worlds’ most popular and historic films have debuted at the TIFF over the years.

Film fans have been flocking to Canada’s largest city since the TIFF started in 1976, when it was known as the Festival of Festivals.

The first year saw the event showing the best movies from other festivals and it attracted 35,000 people as 127 movies were shown from 30 different countries.

Last year the festival had grown to 336 movies representing 64 countries and attracted half a million people. The festival changed its name in 1995 and has launched many creative careers ever since.

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