If you are someone who loves to experience hard core adventurous activities and truly relishes the adrenaline rush moments in life, then skydiving may be the perfect adventure sports for you. The thrill of dropping down from thousands of feet above the ground and the rush of falling down with a parachute hanging on you cannot be defined in words.

This sport is quickly becoming very popular, with more exciting skydiving destinations being added to the list every now and then. If you wish to go for sky dive on your next trip, then the following given top travel destinations in the world will excite you:

1. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

fox glacier, new zealandNew Zealand is a land full of adventure activities and sports. One among them is skydiving. Fox Glacier in New Zealand is one of the top destinations for taking the plunge and offers some superb views of the Tasman Sea below.  Also, you can take a sneak peak at the rugged snowy peaks of the Southern Alps as you fall.

2. Interlaken, Switzerland

interlaken, switzerlandWith views of Italy, France, Germany and Austria visible while falling, Interlaken Sky dive is another superb option that you can consider.  This destination is not just ideal for beginners but also for experienced divers.  Everything is super exciting when you take the jump overlooking snowcapped mountain peaks.

3. Dubai, Palm Jurmeirah

dubai, palm jurmeirahDubai has been quickly catching up with the other skydiving destinations in the world and also hosts one of the biggest annual international skydive championship.  Dubai is a city jump, unlike other skydive destinations across the world and the view of the beautiful Palm islands is clearly visible as one falls down from 14000 feet height.

4. Pattaya, Thailand

pattaya, thailandThis is the only full-time drop zone in South East Asia and is any adventure junkie’s dream destination. As you fall, you can take a glimpse of the western coast of Thailand, the lush green fields below and several other wonderful sights.  The well trained international staff of this drop zone will ensure that you enjoy your experience without fearing anything.

5. North Wollongong Beach, Sydney, Australia

This destination in Sydney, Australia is one of the most adventurous skydive places in the world and lets you experience the bird’s perspective at the shoreline, the dolphins and whales frolicking in the deep blue waters.  This one offers both tandem and solo jumps and one can also opt to swim right after the touchdown.

6. Snohomish, Washington,United States

Your eyes will pop out and you will feel a strange rush of adrenaline in your veins as you fall down from the sky on this destination in Snohomish, Washington, United States. The sheer glory of the 360 degrees panaromic view can easily be the best experience and sight of your life.

Some mountain ranges that you can catch while falling down include mount Rainer, Mount Baker and the Cascades Mountain Range.  You can also see the green San Juan Islands while you slowly fall down.


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