If you stop and listen to the inhabitants of Uruguay you will be convinced that they are unique because they invented the tango and gave the world Carlos Gardel. You will hear them talk about the barbecues on which the parrillada was first cooked.

Perhaps they are perfectly right to say that because they need to make their country look important in the eyes of the world. Lingering in the shadow of Argentina, Uruguay is a bit overlooked as touristic opportunity.

The large majority of tourists coming here consider this destination as a short side trip during a land cruise along the South American countries.

On an average scale the regular tourist offers Uruguay three-four days while the beauty of this land needs a whole vacation to be rightfully enjoyed.


 Montevideo is for certain one of the most cosmopolite cities in the world with flights coming from all over the planet.

What is the first impression you get? There is no sign of cigarette smoke because the public smoking has been banned for years. The second thing you notice will be the vintage buildings and an endless beach.

The surprise is that this amazing beach lays not along a sea shore but along the course of the Rio la Plata the geographical barrier between Uruguay and Argentina.

When coming from Rio de Janeiro or Bueno Aires, Montevideo will look peaceful and even deserted but also unusually clean for a capital city.

The commercial area of this city dates from 1920 and if vintage items are something you are on the look out for, this is the place to get them.

Here takes place one of the most eclectic sales markets in South America where you can find anything old and new from 1930’s shoes and jewelry to amazing shawls and fashion magazines.

Ciudad Vieja offers the perspective of a local delicious meaty meal accompanied by wine and of course crowned by mate – the national anthems tea of this gaucho land.


Punta del Este will give you Ibiza like memories. Few hours drive with the bus will take you to Colonia del Sacramento – the apple of Discordia between Uruguay and Argentina.

Here you can visit the Viceroy House and the Matriz Church – the oldest in Uruguay. Make sure you take pictures of the unique streets in the old town with chic homes and granite pavements.

Enjoy Uruguay like you would enjoy a rare wine. It is a unique experience every tourist should have at least once in a life time.


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