Yoga is fast coming out to be the most preferred method of fitness and wellbeing not only in India, where it has its roots, but also all across the globe.

The trend of yoga classes and sessions is getting more and more popular by the day and so is the trend of yoga vacations. Yes, people actually go on long yoga retreat to other nations just for a relaxing session of good yoga. If you too wish to tread on one of such vacations, the following given list of the world’s best vacation spots for yoga lovers will prove useful for you:

Big Sky Yoga Retreats-Montana, USA

montana, USAThis retreat allows you to step away from the city and breathe some fresh country air, while performing yoga poses. With mountains of Montana in the backdrop and fresh meadows all around, this location definitely proves to be one of the best for yoga lovers.

Purple Valley Yoga-Goa, India

Goa is not just about beaches and casinos but also makes for a lovely destination for a yoga vacation. Purple Valley Yoga retreat is a place where guests get to indulge in six yoga sessions in the morning and four evening sessions per week.

Les Passeroses-France

Another favorite destination for yoga lovers is Les Passeroses in France. Located in the beautiful French Countryside, this retreat makes for a perfect destination to practice yoga and relax in the lovely surroundings. This place offers a boutique type accommodation which is perfect for a short or long vacation for yoga enthusiasts.

South Africa Yoga safaris-South Africa

south africa yoga safarisYou must have heard a lot about South African jungle safaris but the South African yoga safaris are the new types of safaris to watch out for. These are a must visit for all yoga lovers as they offer a great session of yoga in the mornings and evenings along with a great vacation otherwise as well.

Sivanand Ashram Yoga Retreat-Bahamas

Imagine having yoga in the Bahamas amidst pristine beaches and the surround natural beauty. Breathtaking isn’t it? Well this can be made true if you visit this lovely yoga retreat which is very popular among yoga lovers from across the globe. This retreat offers a way to teach yoga and promote overall health as well.

Jatoba Terra Prana Lar Yoga-Sar Carlos, Brazil

Another amazing location or spot for yoga lovers is this retreat in Brazil which not only lets you enjoy your vacation but perform yoga as and when you please. With fresh lakes, ponds and beautiful scenery, this place can reduce your stress and help you relax and unwind.

Anahata Yoga Retreat-Golden Bay, New Zealand

anahata yoga retreat-golden bayThis is the best yoga location which New Zealand has to offer. This is an ecofriendlyplace where yoga lovers from across the planet come to enjoy yoga and relax. This place teaches you to incorporate into your lifestyle and accepts people of all age groups and levels of yoga experience.


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