The world is made up of about 71 per cent water, which means there are an endlessvariety of lakes, rivers, oceans, and seas to visit across this great planet. These are some of largest and most fascinating lakes in the glove to visit.

1. Lake Tanganyika, Africa

(photo by chiefmoamba)

This African lake is located in the nations of Congo, Zambia, Burundi, and Tanzania. This lake is 12,700 square miles in size and 420 miles long. It’s believed to be the second-deepest in the world with a maximum depth of 4,820 feet.

2. Lakes Huron and Michigan, North America

(photo by stormyred_28)

Combined, these two North American lakes make up the largest in the world as water flows between the two of them freely. Their water levels are believed to be equal. The total area of water is 44,445 square miles and the maximum depth is 925 feet. They’re 440 miles long in total.

3. Lake Malawi, Africa

(photo by algreen)

The size of this African lake is 11,600 square miles. It borders the nations of Malawi, Tanazania, and Mozambique and has a maximum depth of 2,316 feet. It’s Africa’s second-deepest lake and is believed to be home to the most species of fish in the world. It is 360 miles in length.

4. Lake Erie, North America

(photo by teknorat)

This is one of the North American Great Lakes, which border Canada and America. Lake Erie is 9,930 square miles in size, is 241 miles long and has a maximum depth of just 68 feet, the shallowest of the Great Lakes.

5. Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada

(photo by eclecticblogs)

Great slave is the deepest of the North American lakes with a depth of 2,014 feet. It is 11,170 square miles in size and 300 miles long.

6. Lake Ontario, North America

(photo by dougtone)

This is another of the Great Lakes which borders Canada and America. 7,520 square miles, 193 miles long and has a depth of 801 feet.

7. Lake Balkhash, Kazakhstan

(photo by zhaffsky)

Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan is Central Asia’s largest lake at a size of 7,115 square miles. It is 376 miles long, but only 75 feet deep.

8. Lake Superior, North America

(photo by greg2point0)

Lake Superior is one of North America’s and is the largest freshwater lake on the planet if Lakes Huron and Michigan are counted as separate lakes. It’s 31,820 square miles in size, 383 miles long and 1,332 feet deep.

9. Lake Baikal, Russia

(photo by andi808)

Lake Baikal in Russia is known as the world’s deepest lake at 5,371 feet. Its 12,200 square miles big and is 395 miles in length. It’s the largest freshwater lake on the globe by volume of water.

10. Lake Victoria, Africa

(photo by michellzappa)

This huge African lake spreads over Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. It’s the largest lake in Africa and the second largest freshwater lake on earth if Lakes Huron and Michigan are counted separately. It’s 26,828 square miles in size and is 200 miles long. The deepest part of the lake is 276 feet.

11. Great Bear Lake, Canada

(photo by kietcallies)

This is the largest lake that lies entirely in Canada. It’s 12,000 square miles in size, 232 miles long and 1,463 feet in depth.

12. Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

(photo by cmax)

Lake Winnipeg is the largest lake that sits in one Canadian province. It’s 9,094 square miles in size, 264 miles long and 118 feet deep.

13. Lake Ladoga, Russia

(photo by heavenbound)

Russia’s Lake Ladoga is the largest in Europe at a size of 7,000 square miles. It is 136 miles in length and 750 feet deep.

14. Lake Onega, Russia

(photo by adamsloan)

Lake Onega is Europe’s second-largest lake at 3,819 square miles. It is 154 miles long and 390 feet deep.

15. Lake Titicaca, Peru, and Bolivia

(photo by sweet mustache)

This South American lake is the largest on the continent. It is 3,141 square miles in size, 110 miles long and has a maximum depth of 922 feet.


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