A travel mug is one of the most important coolest essentials for any trip. Whenever you go out for a tour, camp, road trip or just a drive, a travel mug is needed, especially when you are visiting colder places. It seems to be a very simple task to buy a travel mug and most of us think that there are no special tips needed for it, but it is not the case.

Following some important tips to select the right travel mug is very much important so that your needs and requirements are taken care of. Below given is the list of these tips:

tips for selecting right travel mug

  • Buy a double wall insulation mug which is made up of pure stainless steel. This would cost you more than the normal travel mug but it is indeed worth the price as it is very durable and the insulation walls keep the contents hot for longer time and hence you can easily drink hot tea or coffee at cold places.
  • Do not opt for a plastic travel mug with stainless steel liner because these types of mugs will absorb the tea or coffee and the mixture of it with plastic will make your drink taste really bad. Also, they are not really durable and break easily if you drop them.
  • Make sure that the travel mug which you buy fits appropriately in the holder fitted in your car so that the cup can be placed easily or else, there would be no use of this mug. Also, look for a mug with non-slip bottom so that it stays intact on rough surfaces while you are on an adventure trip.
  • Choose the right size of mug which you need, depending on the quantity of tea or coffee you want to consume. A 16oz or 20oz travel mug would be perfect to suit all your needs.
  • Check the quality of the mug. As you would tend to travel to places with rough terrains and places where the mug would go through a lot of wear and tear and hence, the quality of the mug is very important.
  • Choose a cup with a lid. It might happen that you would want to heat your tea and coffee and have it immediately sitting on a snowy hilly trek but then you are not able to consume it immediately. Though an insulating mug will retain the heat of the drink, there are chances or dirt, dust, dries leaves etc. falling into the drink. In order to avoid this, choose the one with a lid.
  • Get it customized: If you are used to travel by groups, there are chances that your travel mug gets lost or stolen if someone else really likes it. Hence, get it customized so that even if you are carrying group luggage, you are able to identify your own mug easily and no one else can steal it as it would have something like your name or your initials on it.

If you follow these tips, you will get to have a convenient travelling by having the perfect travel mug handy!


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