While travelling, the scenery is supposed to take your breath away—not asthma. But in a lot of cases, it is the other way around. Travelling can be tough and challenging for those who are suffering from Asthma due to many reasons such as difference in altitudes, lack of proper clean air, lack of medical facilities etc.

But if one is careful, he/she can easily enjoy the trip as much as others do.The following are the top tips which can help asthmatics make the most of their travelling, without having to worry about an attack.

top tips for asthma patients while travellingCarrying a Good Supply of Medications

The first and the most important tip for travelling for asthmatics is to stuff in a good supply of medications wherever they go. They must carry their nebulizer, their inhaler in their hand bags and not in their checked in bags. They must make sure that all the medications are taken in the pharmacy containers and each one must have a proper label on it. Moreover, you must get a prescription from the doctor so that none of the medicines are confiscated at the airport.

Taking Travel Insurance Documents

It is also highly important for asthmatics to carry their travel insurance documents with them whenever they are travelling overseas. This can help them in the case of an attack or when they need to be admitted to a hospital or seek a doctor’s consultation.

Visiting a Doctor Before the Trip

Another important tip that can help asthmatics during their trip is to visit a doctor before the trip and get enough advice. They must tell the doctor about which place they are visiting or the kind of holiday it is going to be so that the doctor can check them to see if they are totally fit to travel. For example, a holiday on the hills may need some preventive measures that the doctor may take before the patient leaves.


If you haven’t taken your seasonal or yearly vaccination yet, then it is important to take it right before your trip in order to keep yourself safe and ensure that you don’t suffer from any serious complications or an attack. If you have already taken your vaccinations, then you must know the names of the ones taken for reference of the doctor that you might see or consult on your trip.

Stay away from the Smoking Zones

When you travel out, then on many occasions, you will be exposed to smoking environments. For example, many flights allow smoking and in such cases, you must try to request the authorities to shift your seat as away from the smoking zone as possible. Also, on the airport and in restaurants, you must sit as away from the smoking area or room as possible.

Avoid the Cold

If you are travelling in winters or to a cold country, then make sure you pack enough clothes and warmers with you to avoid suffering from the brunt of the harsh climate.


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