Some of the worst etiquette that most guests follow in a hotel is running down the halls, watching TV at full volume, slamming doors and infact behaving as if you are the only guests and not bothering about the rest. So the first rule that you need to follow is treating others the way you want to be treated.

Making the hotel much more than just a place to sleep while travelling will only be interesting and memorable for you. Especially if you are putting up in a luxury resort, your behaviour should follow the elite norms, here is a list to know the code of conduct in luxury resorts –

etiquettes to follow at a luxury resort

  • When you plan to check in to a luxury resort, it’s a good idea to complete bookings well before hand. Expect a lot of facilities at a good cost, but be careful of the minibar which is chargeable in most properties.
  • When you arrive, a door man greets you and a porter comes forward to help you with the luggage. Remember to tip the porter and to the gateman if he moves out to fetch a cab for you. Tipping should be generous depending on the situation.
  • When you are registering in the desk, comply with the hotel rules to sign as and where required after giving the clerk your confirmation number. The filling in of details might seem unnecessary but are required for security reasons.
  • After the formalities of registration, the porter carries your bags to the room designated, at times directed by the desk clerk. The porter or the bell man will show you the room and explain the features to you. So if you dislike something request for a replacement at the front desk. You can ask the porter to do the job for you but know it that he does not have authoritative power to do the same.
  • This rule does not pertain only to a luxury hotel but to any motel or inn and that is checking out all the emergency and fire exits. If you need anything like more towels, blankets or pillows, request for the same right away from the housekeeping because calling them late in the night might cause inconvenience for making immediate arrangements.
  • A concierge desk is normally situated near the registration desk. If it is a good one then you will not have any problem in gathering any information about the hotel or the city you are visiting. Right from obtaining tickets to theatres and concerts or dining reservations and knowing more about sightseeing tours, car rentals, weather conditions, and traffic snarls, you will identify everything here.

To conclude, wherever you are checking in, don’t be rude with the hotel staff and be patient if there are any delays. Never forget to tip and use the word thank you very generously.  Something amiss in the room or in services can be reported to the front desk in a polite fashion.

Always ensure not to make noise especially in the common areas so as not to disturb the other guests. Take time to open and close the door in a civilised fashion and use the “don’t disturb” signboard when you want privacy. Keep the hotel clean and don’t create unnecessary nuisance.


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