While most of us are busy packing for a summer vacation out somewhere where we can relax, some are headed to a foreign nation for medical care. It is a fact that every year about 7 million people travel overseas for various types of medical treatments from cancer cure, dental treatment or to get a weight loss surgery done.

This has led to fuelling of the medical tourism industry to billions of dollars. The following is a list of the top 8 destinations for medical tourism:

1. Mexico

mexico for medical tourPhoto Credit By: 1ohww.org

Mexico offers pocket friendly medical care and this is why a lot of Americans and several others head to Mexico annually for their medical treatments. Mexico is popular both for dental treatments and weight loss surgeries.

2. India

India for medical tourPhoto Credit By: entrepreneurindia.in

India is considered to be the most cost effective medical tourism destination for a number of surgeries like heart surgeries, dental treatments and skin treatments.

3. Thailand

Thailand for medical tourPhoto Credit By: transformationalretreat.com

There is no one particular treatment that people head to Thailand for. This country is popular all over the world for its cheap yet effective medical care and one reason for this is its exceptionally top qualities hospitals and medical facilities. Head to Thailand if you wish to go for a cosmetic surgery.

4. Germany

Germany for medical tourPhoto Credit By: medicaltourism.cz

People from all over the world are embracing Germany, thanks to its high level of expertise in medical treatments and advancements in medical technology. The medical here is quick, safe and very effective.

5. Brazil

Brazil for medical tourPhoto Credit By: healthbeyondborders.ae

Brazil is particularly famous for its cost effective cosmetic surgeries, due to which it has seen a rise in medical tourism in the past few decades. The savings on different treatments that you can get here are about 20-30%.

6. Singapore

singapore for medical tourPhoto Credit By: forbescustom.com

Asia seems to be a hot favorite medical tourism continent and another Asian country which joins the league is Singapore. Medical care in this country is equipped with high level of expertise, top quality facilities and advanced medical equipments and technology. Infact, Singapore ranks 6th in worldwide healthcare according to World Health Organization. Cancer treatment is a popular treatment here.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica for medical tourPhoto Credit By: whatclinic.com

Some popular medical treatments which Costa Rica offers to the world are dental care, spine treatment, cosmetic surgeries, weight loss surgeries, orthopedic treatments among others. This country is topping the charts in terms of medical tourism with each passing day.

8. Colombia

Colombia for medical tourPhoto Credit By: blogs.terrapinn.com

Medical tourism in Colombia is booming and the particular treatments of interest are neurology, oncology, orthopedics and cardiology. People from all over the world move to this place for medical care.


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