When traveling abroad, especially ifsingle, the ladies will face all kind of looks and if some of these looks are all about admiration, some may turn out to be signs that you are trespassing the dress codes of these countries.

Each country has its own dress codes, written or not; and some of them stick to certain rules more than others.

In the large majority of European countries, in America and Australia, this dress codeis not something you should be worried about.

Here nobody really cares what you wear and the most significant reaction you will get is a raised eyebrow if your outfit is too extravagant.

Still…there are countries where you can cause a riot or even a legal action if you are not careful about what you wear.

There are Asian and African countries where the female dress code has remained unchanged since the dawn of time and here showing skin is not a good idea.

The customs here are mainly linked to religion and society rules and crossing them will get you unwanted public attention.

When visiting Senegal for example it is better to cover your legs. The short skirts worn on the street will make you a sure prey for the very daring Senegal men.

In Senegal the legs are considered far more erotic than breasts. This is why it is recommendable to where shoes instead of sandals; and when you step on a rug or carpet, to take off your footwear.

In the country capital Dakar, people tend to be overdressed. The women over 30 wear the traditional outfits while the younger ones are dressed like the regular girls of the world. In spite of that …the shorts and short skirts are banned here too.

The men are extremely naughty in El Salvador. Brazil is not exactly the place where one should worry about dressing too light. The party capital city of Brazil is filled with women dressed both traditionally and fashionably. However …don’t be surprised if you meet men ready to take your sexy outfit for granted and annoy you with their remarks. So unless you want this kind of attention, you better stick to jeans and regular tops.

When visiting Indochina, make sure you have with you a bag for your shoes. Your itinerary will include temples and other religious places and here you will have to take off your shoes. Unless you want to be shoeless after the visit, just take the shoes with you inside packed in a bag.


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