Old San Juan is one of the oldest European settlements in Puerto Rice. This colonial town comes with its own colors that still maintain the elements of the old days. The city is located on a small island in the northern parts of Puerto Rico.

Spanish Fortresses

If you ever visit Viejo San Juan, you should make sure to visit San Cristobal and El Morro, the sister forts of the town. These stand as a reminder of the Spanish reign. Their role has been to protect the city against the invaders. El Morro is considered to be one of the oldest fortresses of the New World.

Best Things to Experience in Old San Juan


Once you are done with the historical sites of the forts, you may want to take a walk in the El Morro park. One of the most popular local activities is flying kites in the park. Whenever you visit it, you can be sure that you will find a lot of children with colorful kites.

Farmer’s Market

In order to get a feel of the place, you should go to the farmer’s market. Here you will find fresh fruits and vegetables and local handcrafts. It is best to visit the market in the morning. You will find a healthy and organic brunch. You can be sure that you will find something even if you are vegetarian.

Paseo del Morro

This is known to be a trail along the masonry that was used to protect the old city. It was meant to connect El Morro and San Juan Gate even though it doesn’t offer access to the fort. If you have a flexible schedule, you should take a walk here at sunset when the sun sets the water on fire.


The Cathedral of Old San Juan is the second oldest in the Western Hemisphere. It is located close to San Juan Gate and this is the cathedral that sailors went to thank God that they reached land. This location is the resting place of Saint Pius and Juan Ponce de Leon.

Las Palomas

Calle del Cristo ends with a nice little park that is filled with hundreds of pigeons (palomas). You should visit Parque de Palomas to enjoy the beautiful views of San Juan. Children just love running around the park and feeding the pigeons. If you visit the park, you should make sure to cover your head to avoid unpleasant surprises.


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