There are cities that surely can teach us about a high quality life and of course better lifestyle standards.

Here are some cities that surely can be named cities of the future. It is not a surprise that Tallinn in Estonia is going to be a European capital of culture. The city boasts of public internet and lots of archeological masterpieces.

The Wi-Fi service can be found anywhere – in parks, trains, museums, cafes and of course airports. Surprisingly for many, the Estonian city has turned to a city full with attractions and innovations.

Another city that can be called as amazing city of the future is Cleveland. In case you haven’t visited this city since a decade, you will be amazed by the urban farming there.

It is not only about gardens, it is about lifestyle. There the green views are part of city and the growth of vegetable is public. You can see your favorite veggies even in the city garden.

To the futuristic extreme is the city of Masdar in Abu Dhabi. Arabian world is no longer the same, simply because this city is a fine example of sustainability. Everything there is built to be the world`s most sustainable urban location.

The town is powered only by clean energy sources such are the solar and the wind energy. Recycling is part of the citizens’ lifestyle, not to mention the carbon foot prints emissions that are cut to an amazingly low percentage.

Russia also can teach us about visionary lifestyle. The city of Sochi there boasts of the most sustainable Olympic Stadium.

An example of environmental-friendly city is Dezhou in China. The city got revolutionary ideas about the energy grid and it is fully committed to the sun power.

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris, has changed. The city can boost with an excellent public housing that includes more green spaces and of course more areas for biking and walking.

Perhaps you didn’t expect it, but Brazil also has a reason to be praised.

The Brazilian city Curitiba can set a world example, when it comes to public transportation. There the public buses are far faster than walking and what really matters is – they are accessible and affordable.

Of course Tokyo, Hong Kong and Dubai remain the cities with most visionary lifestyle.


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