Paris is an iconic town, not just because of its famous attractions. For those of you that want to travel  for the hidden and special places in Europe, we recommend the Paris bakeries, where is produced one of the most tasty bread one can ever taste on the globe.

In case you are going to Paris, don’t miss out the famous Parisian baguette store Bodian’s baguette. It is the bakery that delivers baguettes and bread for the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. It is placed on Montmartre and each morning the bakery offers warm and handmade bread and other local delicious food.

baguetteAnother place to visit, in case you want to taste yummy bread, is the La Parisienne with baker Daniel Pouphary.

It is located at 28 “rue Monge” as the nearest Metro stop is Cardinal Lemoine. This awarding and well known bakery is offering unusual variety of croissants.

One of the most surprising meals there is the chocolat lait noisette, which must be tried. The daily lunch is also special as it always contains drink and dessert.

Another must in your stop is Boulangerie Regis Colin, located on 53 rue de Montmartre. Along with the baguettes, here are served one of the best Parisian croissants called beurre, made by a special recipe, which remains a secret. Try also the plain butter croissants and the special lunch menu, which is different every day.

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