The Paris museums are world treasury and anyone knows it. In case you are in Paris, don’t miss out some of the best museums in the world. These are not only the Louvre or Musse D’orsay. There are lots of small museums that can be called an example of the European culture.

One of these is Musee Carnavalet. It is an old museum, based in two mansions and it is eminent for being like a 3D-version of Paris’s story. Only here you will see expositions that show the real atmosphere of the French Revolution, the Belle Époque and so on.

Another museum that you must visit is the Jacquemart-Andre. This is a private museum that shows the stunning collection of Mr. Andre, once a famous banker. He possessed paintings of Botticelli, Fragonard, Rembrandt and many more. Their masterpieces are still kept in his mansion, which is now set up as a museum.

Musee Bourdelle is also a museum that surely deserves an attention. It is built in honor of Antoine Bourdelle – an amazing artist that was once a student of Rodin and lately he became his assistant. The museum shows magnificent works of art and sculptures, placed in a gorgeous French garden.


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