Group travel operators organize guided tours for your group and take the stress out of planning a holiday. But finding the right tour operator is a challenge by itself. We make this task simpler by listing out the 10 best group travel operators worldwide.

1. Trafalgar Tours

Trafalgar Tours

Trafalgar is one of the top tour operators in the USA providing over 69 tours across the length and breadth of North America. Of these, 10 start from as low as $1000 per person. They cover all of the major destinations in the USA, Canada and Mexico. They also feature 335 destinations across Europe. Group bookings with Trafalgar stand to gain as much as 5% discount per person.  A visit to their website gives you detailed information about the first class and cost saver trips.

2. Globus


Globus is a leader in the group travel section among the travel operators in USA. The packages include a choice of travel to over 400 vacations in 70 countries. They offer discounts for group bookings including a half price discount for every 8th traveler in the group. They can also help customize the tour based on the affinities and preferences of the group. Visit their website formore details.

3. Maupin Tours

Maupin Tours

If luxury group tours is what you desire then Maupin is the best choice. They have both independent and escorted tours. This tour operator covers most of the destinations across the globe and gives the ultimate experience in luxury travel. Their journeys include cruises, expeditions and cityscapes. Visit their website for package and price details.

4. Collette Vacations

Collette Vacations

With almost a century of experience in helping people travel and explore destinations around the world, Collette vacations is also a leader in organizing group travel. Collette extends many benefits to groupbookings. For groups with more than 10 members concierge services are offered free. Visit their website for latest information on their spot offers.

5. Insight Vacations

Insight Vacations

The tour operator boasts of more comfort than competitive pricing. They believe in a comfortable travel and focus on needs of every traveler in the group. Group bookings come with 5% discount for small group sizes and those which exceed 8 members get additional discounts and offers. Visit for more information.

6. Tauck World Discovery

Tauck World Discovery

Tauck is a name well known for its cruises. They are specialists in organizing group cruises to various travel destinations across the world. The website explains the hoards of discounts and freebies on offer for group bookings. It is indeed a gold mine of deals to strike for group bookings. Click on the link  and explore the best combo in the group travel category.

7. Go Ahead Tours

Go Ahead Tours

Go Ahead Tours ranks among the best group travel operators in the USA. They give the best deals to the group travelers with every 7th traveler in the group enjoying a free vacation. What is more the group coordinator enjoys free convention tours and cash bonuses too. Visit their website for detailed price list and destination recommendations across the globe.

8. Travcoa


A qualified leader in luxury travel, Travcoa has over 5 decades of organizing luxury tours for groups. From planning to execution, the group can trust the entire operation to the operator. You can choose from escorted journeys, private jets and luxury cruises as well. A look at their website explains everything in detail.

9. Pacific Delight Tours

Pacific Delight Tours

A pioneer in organizing group tours to the Asian countries, Pacific Delight Tours has the facility of obtaining online quotes. They offer great value to the group coordinator and also to every member of the group. Repeat customers are offered additional discounts. Visit their website  for more details.

10. Gate-1 travel

Gate-1 travel

Gate-1 travel is an experienced tour operator for the Asian countries. For groups with 10 to 18 members many facilities are extended free of cost such as transfers, discounts on roundtrips and many more. Visit their site for further details and get a competitive quote for free.


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