The original Sin City, Las Vegas has long been a vacationers’ paradise in this part of America.

For long, there had been no upgrades to this glamorous city.

But now the city has new additions to its urban landscape that will make your next visit worthwhile.

Top New Attractions in Las Vegas

Here are some of the new added attractions at Las Vegas that you must consider visiting.

1. New museums

The city of Las Vegas has added a latest one to its collection of museums – called The Mob Museum; it is a store house of memorabilia from famous public uprisings including the bullet-ridden wall of St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. The Nevada State Museum is the big renovated and upgraded version of the small outdated building that it used to be. From prehistoric exhibits to explanations of modern science, this museum is very good for those who enjoy interactive systems to educate themselves on pure sciences. Also do not forget the Neon Museum that is an exhibit of 1400 and odd neon signs dating back to the 1930s?

2. Bars and Bistros

The new handouts of the city are the Barrymore restaurant, 35 steaks and Martinis, the Bar+Bistro, and the 10AK club. All these restaurants, bars and clubs are very distinct and must-visits to get the new flavor of the old city.  From the ambience to the food they serve, everything is very unique.

3. Cultural buildings

The Smith centre for the Performing Arts is an iconic building in the centre of the city. Finally, Las Vegas has its own centre for viewing world class performances without having to travel far and wide. The center was long awaited and has been built with an investment of $450 million, putting it on top of the world’s best places for stage performances.

4. Rides and cruises

And for those of you who do not want to miss the Grand Canyon there are helicopter rides brought to you from Papillion Airways. The ride takes you over 4000 feet above across the West Rim of the Canyon. You can stop over at the Hualapai shelter and enjoy a short picnic. Another new introduction is the Millennium Houseboat lounge that cruises along Lake Mead and makes for a spectacular houseboat holiday that lasts for 3 days and 4 nights.

So the next time you visit Las Vegas, make sure you place all these attraction on your itinerary.


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