A tourist is a target for muggers in any place you go and of course an object of teasing by the locals in some countries. It is always better to take steps to avoid looking like a tourist, as otherwise you might be conned or at least taken for a ride by paying  way more than what it costs, as you are trying to buy something as basic as a bottle of juice.

Ways to avoid looking like a tourist

Follow These Tips to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

  1. Be prepared with facts and information about the place you are visiting. If possible learn a few words of the language to be able to get your way around. Also an idea about the culture and behavioural patterns of the locals in that place will help you mingle into the crowd as you will not be doing something outrageously standing out.
  1. Do not stand around at curb sides consulting your maps and guidebooks. This is a sure shot way to draw attention to yourself and flash out in neon signs “I am a tourist”. Do all your homework about where you need to be travelling around the city before you venture out. Take help from the hotel front desk that you are staying at and get a proper picture of the way you will be travelling. Get the numbers of trains and buses that will take you to your intended destination.
  1. Try to dress in a less conspicuous way. A cap with loud colourful clothes to look hip for your pictures will only make you end up looking like a tourist and that should certainly not be your aim. So dress soberly and try to emulate the average local. Fashionable does not mean you will wear bikinis in the market of a beach town. Try to blend in with your attire and not stand out.
  1. Carry a smart tote or a handbag to carry your money etc. Do not carry a backpack or a fanny pack as these things spell out “tourist”.
  1. Do not stand and gawk at passers-by or crowd up around a street performer. Act like you would do in your own city. Locals do not generally stand around looking at these performers.
  1. Try to follow the flow of traffic. Cross when people are crossing. A confused look on your face will indicate that you are unfamiliar with the surroundings and hence, a tourist.

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