With the online mania going global, every aspect of travel has gone online, travel insurance being no exception. Keeping with the times travel insurance providers are now offering their products and services to consumers online. Online travel insurance like any other comes at a cheaper price than when purchased directly. It is ideal for all those travelers who wait till the last minute to get things done. With very little documentation required, online travel insurance market is here to stay. To cater to this segment of travelers, we have a comprehensive buyers guide to online travel insurance.A Buyer’s Guide

Not Completely Paperless

Not all travel insurance providers have the technology that integrates their online purchases with the documentation. They still require you to fax or mail applications or documents for the transaction to be complete.

Caveats to Consider

Though online purchase of travel insurance is convenient and cost effective, it is advised that consumers research the company and its plans before buying the product.

Make sure that the travel insurance provider is licensed in the state you reside as it makes a big difference when filing for claims. The best way to check is by looking up the state insurance regulatory agency’s directory. This point is applicable for any insurance type and direct purchases as well.

A thorough look at the website of the insurance company is very important to check its reliability. The ‘about us’ page gives information on how long the company has been in business and its market share. The ‘contact us’ page gives information on the efficiency of their customer service.

Compare Quotes

There are websites that provide a comparison of the features and prices of top travel insurance companies. You can go through these in detail and take a decision on the best one among the lot. Online comparisons are easy and also reliable as you have a user rating attached to the website which gives you a popularity rating as well.


Once you complete your research and select the insurance companies from where you wish to purchase your travel insurance, sign up and get free quotes. But that is not the end of story. Based on the quotes, you can always negotiate with the provider and get the best pricing. Remember that quotes are not final. They are open to negotiation.

Supporting Documents

Documents will have to produce before sealing the insurance deal. Having a clean profile of health and travel records, gives you a better stand when negotiating. Leverage your low risk profile and get better deals in your online travel insurance purchase.

Thus getting online travel insurance can be as beneficial as a direct purchase with the convenience of time, effort and money saved right from the comfort of your home.


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