Travel insurance can be a broad description with many brokers now erring further towards specifically tailored packages as opposed to the non-descript generic policies of the past.  Travel insurance is a policy whereby we shouldn’t be deceived into thinking that one scheme is the same as the next.  A cheaper policy may represent “insurance” by name, but to all intents and purposes it may not offer much in the way of cover when called upon.

A European Health Insurance Card, your Credit Cards inherent travel guarantees, and the insurance offered when you purchase your holiday may not be up to the job when it comes to the actual practicalities of making a claim.

 The European Health Insurance Card is vital to all travelers in the EEA.  It replaced the E111 and it entitles you to statutory health care across the EEA, but when it comes to private care or anything not associated with health, it serves less of a purpose.  To be absolutely sure you are getting the best deal, visit

If you are taken ill in Europe you must enquire whether the treatment you receive is state provided or you could be liable to pay large fees.  It seems counter intuitive that in your hour of need you’ll be asking for state care instead of immediate access to the best treatment – a good insurance package can make allowances for state and private care where it’s deemed necessary.

Sometimes your belongings may be covered by your home contents insurance policy but for many you’ll need to take out cover for loss of luggage, loss of money and theft.  Health provisions are one aspect of your travel insurance cover but often a more practical and heavily used aspect is the loss of your personal belongings.  Gadgetry and clothing can amount to a hefty collective cost if lost in transit.

Multi trip cover can be a wise buy for those with aspirations to travel more than once per year.  For a minimal additional fee, you can be covered throughout the year and reap the rewards of an often more comprehensive travel insurance policy.

If you’re shelling out on an expensive holiday, you may wish to cover yourself against cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.  The financial burden of losing your holiday will only add to the misery you’ve suffered under the circumstances that caused the cancellation.


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