Some people leave their gift shopping to the very last minute when they’ve been on vacation as most airports offer excellent shopping areas. These are 10 of the best airports for retail shopping.

1. Zurich, Switzerland

The shopping opportunities at Zurich’s international airport seem to be endless. There are numerous shops that sell duty-free cosmetics, perfumes, tobacco, alcohol, and excellent Swiss chocolate. You can even do your shopping online before reaching the airport and pre-order all of the bargains you want via its website. There are so many shops here that you’d think you were in a shopping mall not an airport.

2. Frankfurt, Germany

The shops in Germany’s Frankfurt airport would cover a total of four soccer fields. It’s the busiest airport in the country and offers just about everything you’d find in a major department store such as colognes,brand-name perfumes, tobacco, and spirits. There are also many discounts and specials throughout the year.

3. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


The lovely airport on Canada’s west coast is an ideal place to shop for Canadian goods. It offers everything from children’s toys to jewelery. One of the most popular shops is the Great Canadian Book Company. There are also some fine souvenir shops and classy boutiques such as Brooks Brothers and Hermes.

4. Incheon, Seoul, South Korea

Incheon international airport

This is Korea’s busiest international airport and it’s the third-largest in the world when it comes to duty-free shopping behind London’s Heathrow and Dubai. The biggest sellers here are cosmetics, alcohol, cigarettes, and perfumes. You’ll also find the world’s first Louis Vuitton airport shop located here.

5. Miami, Florida, USA

Miami Airports

This is recognized as America’s gateway to Latin America and the airport’s been renovated quite a bit in recent years. It’s now spread out over 3,000 acres of total land. Of course, that means there’s plenty of room for shopping there. This is another airport that feels like a shopping center with its world-class stores such as Emporio Armani and L’Occitane. You’ll also find that Sound Balance is pretty popular for technology buffs.

6. Dubai

Dubai International Airport

Based on sales, Dubai International Airport has been recognized as the top retail-selling airport in the world for the last two years. The Sheikh Rashid Terminal sells a lot of gold, perfume, and alcohol to travelers. It’s open 24 hours a day for sales and offers over 15,000 square feet of retail space.

7. Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport has long been one of the world’s best when it comes to shopping. It offers a lot of discounts and promotions and you can check out the sale on the airport’s website. The Dutch-related souvenirs are amongst the most popular selling items.

8. Johannesburg, South Africa

OR Tambo airport

The OR Tambo airport is widely regarded as the best in all of Africa and that includes its shopping. You’ll find more than 100 outlets here that sell just about everything you could imagine. Some of the most popular items are top-class luxury leather products. The prices are generally quite a bit cheaper than in town.

9. London Heathrow. London, England

London Heathrow

Heathrow is home to more than 150,000 square feet of shopping space and you’ll be able to find items here in all price ranges. Some of the most popular items are chocolate, skin care products, perfume, and alcohol. There are designer stores such as Dior, Armani, Cartier, and Gucci. There’s even a Harrods store now. Other popular British shops include Paul Smith, Mulberry, Smythson, and Links of London.

10. Hong Kong

Hong Kong airport

Hong Kong airport offers the SkyMart and SkyPlaza shopping areas where you’ll find a wide variety of goods to buy before your flight. The SkyMart area offers a guarantee on its products assuring you that the prices are lower than the same product in the city. Hong Kong is a very popular travel destination. Many travel packages offer great hotel and flight deals.  Search the Expedia website for your next travelbooking needs.


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