If you have a newly born baby, you wonder when you can go on your first holiday with the new baby.

In the first few months after your baby’s birth, you would prefer to stay at home.

But, when your baby reaches 3 months of age, he is pretty good candidate for travel.

For newborns, full tummy, clean diaper and comfortable place to have good sleep are necessary.

If your baby is breastfed, traveling becomes much easier for you because additional preparation for food is not required.

However, there are certain important steps and safety tips that you need to consider while traveling with newborn babies.

Prefer night flights!

Flying at nights will help your kid to sleep in the flight. It will also ensure you to get some rest on flight as well. So, try to avoid day time journeys or flights to avoid stress during journey. One more thing to consider, avoid busy flights.

When taking a flight that has a lot of empty seats, you can have chance to move to seat that is more comfortable for you along with your baby. Additionally, when you have an empty seat besides you, you can strap your child in that seat at no extra charge.

Be prepared with first aid kit!

Prepare a first aid kit by taking necessary suggestions from your baby’s personal doctor. Be sure to take prescribed medications that your baby requires.

First aid kit significantly helps you to deal with minor medical problems with your baby while traveling. Get your baby necessary vaccinations before you start for your holiday destinations. This can help your baby to fight against various infections and diseases.

Keep enough baby food!

If your baby is not breastfed, remember to carry all the food essentials required for your baby. Carry your baby’s food formula and enough cooled boiled water along with you. Ready made, travel sized convenient packs are also available in the market. Consult your doctor and ensure that they are safe for your baby.

Provide enough entertainment for your kids!

Include a bag containing few of your baby’s favorite toys along with your luggage. This can be very useful for you to entertain your baby, when he becomes bored or restless. But, be sure that you don’t disturb your co-passengers.

If you are really concerned about traveling with your newborn, follow these simple tips and make your first tour with your newborn memorable.


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