Going on holiday is an exciting time for any jet-setter. You have been working hard for months, or even all year, you have taken barely any sick days, you maybe have even been working extra hours or coming in on the weekend to prepare for this trip. Quite simply- you want the best holiday possible and you darn well deserve it. This is typically the attitude anyone has when their holiday is finally approaching. To make sure your holiday goes extra smooth and ends on a perfectly awesome note, these are just a few tips and reminders to think about to make sure you have the absolute best time possible, no matter where you are going.

travel-tipsProtect it

First things first, you have an insurance policy in our home country, but when it’s time to go abroad, don’t think that you’re automatically invincible and nothing bad can happen. While we surely don’t want to dote on thinking about the negatives of our holiday, it’s a fact that anything can happen. It’s no big deal if you’re covered though. It’s a must to obtain a single trip travel insurance policy for those ‘just in case’ situations. It couldn’t hurt to have one, but if you didn’t, that would be catastrophic for you and your wallet. Take no chances.

Bag it

Getting the right bag is another essential point when getting travel advice from any experienced traveler. Are you walking through the rough cobblestone streets somewhere in Europe? Certainly don’t buy the cheap bag with poorly made plastic wheels. You’ll find yourself buying a new suitcase within the first week of your trip. Are you island hopping in Thailand? Perhaps a heavy-duty backpack is best unless you want to be the silly tourist carrying their roller suitcase over your head while wading in knee-deep water to get to shore. Only going for a short trip under five days? If your bag is bigger than the required carry-on limit, that’s just too much. Why pay the extra money and add on a hassle of checked baggage for such a short getaway? Do what makes sense.

Pack it

This might seem like a silly tip, but you it’s surprising how many people may forget the weather at their destination. Just because it’s winter time in Australia, doesn’t mean it’s winter time in New York, it’s in fact the exact opposite. What season is it where you’re traveling? Will you be trekking through different countries with different weather conditions? Make sure to check before jetting off. Another good point would be how modest do you need to dress? Your sundress that you wore in Florida isn’t going to work for walking down the streets of Alexandria, Egypt. Make sure to bring the appropriate clothes so you can respect the country’s beliefs and not stick out in a bad way.

Research it

Last but not least, when you’re going on a trip, research in general is a smart thing to do if you want to be efficient with your time. You don’t have a timeline? Cool, just go with the flow, but if you only have a week or two, it’s much smarter to plan, or at least have a good rough idea on what to do. It would be a shame to waste any day researching or finding yourself in situation where you’re “stuck” some place for longer than you want to be.


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