How To Avoid Hidden Holiday Travel Costs?

Airlines, hotels and rental cars all have hidden fees. Here’s how to get around them.

Chances are, you’re headed to the airport sometime this holiday season, but not to visit a quiet, sandy beach (even if you deserve it).

Unlike travel seasons past, the upcoming one has more to do with visiting loved ones. In a Nov. 4 survey conducted by research firm Harris Interactive in conjunction with the Washington, D.C.-based Travel Industry Association, 71% of Americans said that spending extra money on travel during the holiday season is worthwhile–so long as it affords them time with family and friends.

But just because traveling may be the right thing to do this year, that doesn’t mean it has to be the expensive thing to do.

Traveling involves myriad hidden costs that, once you’re aware of them, are easy to spot–and even easier to eliminate.

To start your trip on a frugal foot, consider transportation fees first. For example, if you’re driving, fill up the gas tank before hopping on the highway, where it’s much costlier, says Clarky Davis, a personal finance expert.

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  1. Great post here. You really give a sense to all those things about travel and cutting some costs.

    They always still catch us though. 🙂

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