Moving Away & Staying Close

Have you ever had to move away from a place where you had strong connections? It’s difficult, isn’t it? You may have even found yourself wondering when you’ll see your close friends again.

Sure, you intend to stay in touch, but when someone’s not part of your daily life, it can be easy to lose track of them. Your efforts to reach out may become more and more infrequent, and in some cases, they may even cease altogether.

But the thing is, that doesn’t have to happen. Staying in touch when you or someone you know moves away takes a little bit of effort, but it’s actually much easier than you might think.

As for that bit of effort, maintaining close relationships with those who mean a lot to you is well worth it. So stop worrying about losing friends when you move away. Read on to find out how you can move away and stay close!

Share the Little Things

Share the Little Things

When you’re close to someone, you tend to share the little details about your life with them. There’s no reason that has to stop just because you’ve moved away. In fact, you might even have more to share. With your mobile device, you can send pictures, texts and videos of all your cool discoveries in your new hometown.

Why not send a picture of your favorite snack from that awesome food cart near your office, your new haircut, or your neighborhood park? Or you could treat them to a video of your new city’s most entertaining street performers, kids flying kites on the beach, or a concert you went to.

Sharing the fun little details is a great way to let them know you’re thinking of them, and if they’re planning a visit, they can make a list of things you’ve shown them that they’d like to see.

Surprise Them

Surprise Them

Who’s that at the door? Nobody’s here… wait! It’s a surprise present! Who doesn’t like being surprised with the occasional gift? Send your good friends a little something every once in a while, just to remind them that they’re never far from your thoughts.

It doesn’t need to be anything too expensive; you could send a little box of fudge, a refrigerator magnet, or a picture of your new puppy running on the beach. They’ll appreciate the effort no matter what you send them, and knowing that someone in your new hometown loves them will surely brighten up their day.

Bring Back the Act of Being Pen Pals

Bring Back the Act of Being Pen Pals

The immediacy and convenience of email, social networking, video chat, and text messaging is a wonderful thing, because it really diminishes the sense of distance. But, there’s definitely something special about opening your mailbox to see a hand-written envelope with your name on it. It sure beats “Business Reply Mail.”

Be pen pals with your old besties. When writing a letter, people tend to put much more thought into their words, resulting in a certain depth of communication that you just can’t get with a text or a phone call. Who knows, you might even find out details about your friends you never would have encountered otherwise!

Call on the Weekends

Call on the Weekends

Set a phone date with your faraway pals. Weekends are often best because they tend to be less busy, and most people have free phone minutes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Better yet, do a video chat! Hearing your good friend laugh over the phone is great, but seeing them make that familiar goofy face is the best.

These simple tricks will ensure that your relationships stay strong, no matter how much distance lies between you! This article is brought to you by the relationship experts at – if you’ve lost touch with a friend or relative, use USA People Search to find people for free and get back in touch today!

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