Bus journeys are considered to be comfortable for short distances and they can be comparatively cheaper as well. However bus trips to faraway lands that take around 8-10 hours can be hectic owing to the road conditions, seats, and other restrictions. Travelling by a bus saves your time and you can also spend that money on your hotels and tour but, there can be some discomforts while travelling on a bus. Most of the people feel nauseous and uneasy while travelling in the bus. The government and private authorities are taking many measures to make bus travel luxurious and problem free like adding portable washrooms, making them air conditioned and having sit cum sleep seats.


Few things that you should keep in mind while travelling in the bus –

You can make your bus journey a safer and comfortable one by keeping few things at your fingertips so that you don’t have to worry about arranging them during emergency and can have a delightful journey in the bus.

The tips and things to bear in mind are –

  • Always know your bus route. Whenever you are travelling through road, make sure that you are travelling safely through the correct road. You should be aware about the route’s safety. Choose the best route for your journey.
  • Indulge your interests in the first class bus. Travelling in a cheap bus just to save money is not a good option. If you are having a bad gut feeling about your bus journey in a low fare bus then you should turn your mind towards the high class and standard buses that are available at a price more than the cheap bus.
  • Book your seat according to your comfort. You should always book your seat according to your preference of sitting near a window or the aisle. You may like sitting near the window so as to make it like a pillow while sleeping or near the aisle so that you can easily stretch out while sleeping.
  • Set your preferences of seat partner. You can ask the ticket vendor to book your seat near a woman if you are a lady and feel comfortable in sitting around a female. If you are a male, then there is not much of an issue regarding the seat partner preferences.
  • Selection of seat location. You should prefer the seat in the middle so that you can have a comfortable, non-bumpier and non-scary journey. The middle seats are safer than any other seat location in the bus. The back seats are bumpier and the front seats give you full view of the road which might scare you off by the rash driving of the bus drivers.
  • Divide your valuables at different lugage. It is generally advised not to keep all of your valuables in same luggage. You can divide you precious things like money, mobile, camera, etc. at different places.

By following and keeping in mind these few tips you can make your bus journey a safe and comfortable one. In case of any emergency, you are also provided with some safety tips and medical box in the bus. Choose your bus wisely and try to book your tickets online few days prior to your journey so that you don’t have to suffer.


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