Going on vacation [vacation planning] can be an ordeal if you suffer from a physical disability, but by checking out facilities which cater to special needs, you can make your dream holiday come true.

Make it as smooth and comfortable as possible by following these tips:

Vacation plan for disabled people:

Create a travel profile, which explains the nature of your disability, as well as special travel and accommodation requirements.

Reserve air, train and bus tickets in advance to get special discount offers and services. Always keep your disability certificate with you to ensure you get assistance.

If you use a wheelchair, have it serviced or repaired fully before you leave. If you have an artificial limb, buy an extra pair of prosthetic socks and socket liner.

Get travel insurance for safety and emergencies. Carry two medical prescriptions with you always. Keep one with you and the second one in your suitcase.

Air travel: Get to the airport at least 90 minutes before and inform the airlines staff of your needs. Airlines generally provide effective services like wheelchairs for people with disabilities and oxygen equipment is always at hand. Be assertive and let the airline staff know of your dietary needs beforehand.

Car rental agencies: Scout around for car rental services which cater to special needs. Many car rental companies offer wheel chairs which can be attached to car seats. If they are available, choose a car with swivel seats. Spinner knobs also help you to overcome bumps and jerks while driving.

Buses: Special buses cater for the needs of people with disabilities. Electrically operated ramps help to lift seats and ensure easier maneuverability. Look out for buses that offer wheelchair accessibility.

Hotels and restaurants: Scout around for hotels which offer special facilities to disabled people and reserve rooms online beforehand. Use restrooms with wheelchair.

Guide dogs: If you are blind, try to get a guide dog to accompany you to aeroplanes, buses, trains, restaurants and hotels. Your guide dog should wear a service coat and a tag denoting that it is a service dog.


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