Do you want to travel in unusual style? If your answer is yes, then take a look at the most extravagant ways for traveling.

Bamboo Train

bamboo trainIn case you travel to Cambodia, don’t miss the chance to try their bamboo train. It is a simple train made with bamboo and recycled military tank wheels.


tuktukAnother odd way for transportation is the Tuktuk. This vehicle on tree wheels is typical for India, Pakistan and Thailand. Thailand seems to hold the record when it comes to unusual transportations.

Elephant Trekking

elephant trekkingThere is also the elephant trekking, a typical way for tours. Riding elephant might sound very odd, but it is extremely used in some islands such as Phuket.

Camel Back

camel back

Camel back is also a famous way of transportation in Jordan, where these rides are used every day.


zorbIn New Zealand they like eccentric vehicles. They have the Zorb, which is an enormous ball that is rolling down a hill.

Dog Sleds

dog sledsIn another part of the world, in Norway dog sleds sometimes can be the only possible way of transportation, especially in Northern Norway nearby the Arctic Circle.

Guatemala Chicken Bus

Chicken BusGuatemala chicken bus is an offer that certainly can be a bit shocking. The bus transports not only passengers, but also goats, chickens and all kind of animals.


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