Spending your holidays at some spiritual place across the world is indeed a blissful idea. There are more than hundreds of spiritual places in the world that are famous for one or the other reason. For the people who are looking forward to meditate, relax and rejuvenate the idyllic beauty of the spiritual world, given below is the list of top spiritual destinations in the world.

Kailash, Tibet

Mt. Kailash in Tibet is considered as the holy place for the Buddhists, Tibetans, Bonpos, Hindus and Jains. The beautiful landscapes and the scenic beauty that this place captures give a totally blissful experience to the tourists. The journey to this spiritual destination is itself considered as an epic so this place has been listed under top spiritual destinations in the world.

Camino De Santiago, Spain

Listed under the UNESCO world heritage register, this is a Christian pilgrimage, located in the Spanish city of Santiago. The best means of transport to travel are cycling and horseback but most of the people prefer to walk, exploring the beauty of the nature.

Medugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

medugorje, bosnia and herzegovina

Storing an apparition of Virgin Marry, this place was found by 6 youths of the Bosnia mountain village. This spiritual destination is said to have an appearance of Virgin which spreads visionaries and messages to the people across the world.

Golden Temple, India

golden temple, india

Golden Temple in Amritsar is considered as the holiest spiritual destination for the Sikh community. Resting in the middle of AmritSaroval Pool, this place shine and glows as gold under the sun as its name suggests.

Athos, Greece

Named as the Holy Mountain of the world, Mt. Athos is occupied with more than 15 Eastern orthodox monasteries. There is strictness in the entry permit to the tourists at this place wherein people mostly travel through boats. Considered as the top spiritual destinations of the world, this place is an ideal location to have some quiet and relaxing time.

Mashhad, Iran

Mashhad means- The Place of Martyrdom. This place is worshipped by Shiites, as Imam Reza died here in 817. This is listed under the top religious destinations because of its pious environment and people’s belief.

88 Temple Circuit, Japan

As defined by Buddhist doctrine, this spiritual place has a total of 88 temples which is equal to 88 passions of the evil humans. This place is worshipped by the people who want to get rid of their passions by taking rounds around these 88 temples.

Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

This place is known as the most worshipped place in Buddhism as it has the footprints of the Buddha. The pilgrimage season of this particular destination is from December to May.

Pyramids of Egypt

pyramids of egypt

When it comes to the most sacred and spiritual places in the world, Pyramids of Egypt are ranked amongst the top destinations. A place full of Gods and Kings, this place has its own mathematical applications, magical stories and intricate beliefs.


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