Valentine Day is a perfect combination of love and admiration between two individuals. According to legends, the valentine day celebration was set back around the third century in Europe. Every year the valentine day is celebrated around the globe on the 14th of February.

Words are expressed by the exchange of roses to one another. Chocolates, candy, sweets and greeting cards are also exchanged as a token of love. The lovers spent time with one another at parks, restaurants and other places exclusively designed for the valentine day celebration. It is considered to be a romantic day that is celebrated by all lovers across the world.

Keeping in mind to make your valentine day special this year, here are some suggested spots that may be considered as best to celebrate the day with your loved one:



Plan your trip to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day at Venice. You can take a walking tour through the city of Venice and experience a Gondola ride with your lover. It is about a 35 minutes ride through large and tiny canals with lovely churches to view on the banks. Bridges of Sighs is another interesting sight in Venice that cannot be missed. You are sure to taste the mouthwatering seafood available there.

The Murano, Torcello and Burano islands are also some of the islands along the Venice lagoons which are attractive spots of visit. Opera at the Theatre La Fenice is a must watch. Last but not the least; you can enrich your love by dancing with your lover at St. Mark’s square in Venice.

Hong Kong

hong kong

The sparkling city of Hong Kong amidst the mountains and seas is indeed a hotspot for celebrating the Valentine’s Day. The legendary Star Ferry is a historic night view that is sure to be enjoyed during a Valentine night.

Bali, Indonesia

bali, indonesia

If you plan to enjoy your Valentine’s Day away at a silent area, then Maya Ubud Resort & Spa at Bali will be a perfect choice. It is a serene area surrounded by thick rice paddy fields on one side and the Petanu River on the other.

Virginia, USA

The Grandin village located at Roanoke is another hotspot for celebrating the Valentine’s day by relishing the Pop’s Ice cream, Soda Bar and tastes of the local vineyard at Rockfish Food and Wine.

The Amalfi coast, Italy

the amalfi coast, italy

The Amalfi coast in Italy stretches up to 43 miles of incredible coastlines scattered with beautiful ancient settlements. The coastlines are filled with deluxe hotels that encourage you to spend a memorable romantic time. Day trips to Naples and boat trips to The Isle of Capri are definitely not to be missed.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

You are sure to enjoy the fascinating mingle of the ‘New Word’ and ‘Old France’ on a Valentine’s Day at Montreal and Quebec in Canada. Horse drawn carriages are available in these areas to enjoy your Valentine ride if the weather stands good.



Paris is said to be the ‘City Of Light’ during the night hours. It is one of the most royal places in the world where your Valentine’s Day celebration, undoubtedly, would be amusing.

North Carolina, USA

The Bryson city in North Carolina creates a picturesque effect, perfect for spending your Valentine’s Day in a grand way. The place is mostly filled with creek log cabins furnished with homemade furniture and the noise of the rushing water and fireplaces generates an even more romantic atmosphere.

Thus select any one of the above destination to celebrate Valentine Day with your lover and make it one of the most memorable day of your lives.


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