Nothing screams summer holiday more than the beach. We know lounging by the pool isn’t too bad.

After all we’d take it over being stuck at home. But there’s nothing quite like the sand between your toes, crystal clear waters…. and even some cocktails.

Think Ibiza, St Tropez, Goa, the Caribbean or even the Maldives. If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to the plushest of locations this summer, it’s time to step out in the latest styles.


Your bikini is always going to be the staple of your beach style wherever your chosen destination is. Nautical is a huge trend in swimwear this year. The fash pack will be stepping out in blue and white and red and white striped bikinis the world over.

If you’re sunning yourself on the deck of a yacht in St. Tropez or Ibiza this summer then nautical is definitely the way to go. Alright a yacht doesn’t count as a beach, but who’s complaining?

But remember you don’t need to be on deck to enjoy this classic, chic and timeless style. Match withsome crisp, classic wardrobe staples to flaunt your nautical self on the beach this year.


Bright, bold colours are everywhere in the swimwear style stakes this year. If you’re heading to exotic destinations like Goa, the Caribbean or Thailand, you just can’t go wrong with saying it loud and proud.

This season you can choose your beach style from block colours in canary yellow, tomato red, fabulous fuchsia or vibrant orange.

Remember it’s not just about the block colours though with vibrant prints everywhere this summer. Choose from tribal, animal, graphic and ethnic prints.

To really hit the true style notes on the beach, don’t be scared to mix and match bikinis – remember there’s nothing like a colour clash to stay on trend.


Beaches are full of colour. It’s not just the white sand and the blue water. Just think of the bright colours that can dance in your vision from the plants and flowers seen in some of the best summer holiday destinations.

Well why not add to that with your choice of swimwear? Not only do flowers create a chic, feminine and girlie feel they also suit any body shape. Strategically placed floral accents dictate the focus, creating a feminine silhouette.

And what goes with prints goes with florals. So to really shake things up for your summer beach style, don’t forget to mix and match.


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