Beach vacations are the dream vacations for all those in love with a good swim during hot summer days. In the large public opinion such vacations come with an expensive bill which so many of us can’t afford. Still…what would you says if you could enjoy new and unusual locations at a lower cost?

Albania, Adriatic Coast

Albania, Adriatic Coast

A wild beach of 380 miles, extremely closelooking to what Croatia lovers know, is the perfect spot for a week of beach vacation. The picturesque beach villages can offer good food and cheap lodging and if you don’t mind walking, there is a lot to see from Roman ruins to Ottoman and Byzantine vestiges. Lagoons and bays make the area perfect for swimming.

Greece’s Silver Island Yoga Retreat


Yoga lovers can enjoy this chic spot on a budget. This is a private island owned by the Christie family open to the general public from spring to fall. The olive farm was converted into a yoga retreat where special instructors teach the guests. Not all the rooms have a bath but the place is extremely cool looking being decorated with artisan touches. The food comes from the island production and the placeis filled with a peaceful feeling perfect for relaxation.

Cycling in Sardinia

Cycling in Sardinia

For those keen of an active beach vacation, cycling along the south west Sardinian shore is the perfect way to unwind. The tour takes about a week and you will have the chance to see pink flamingos and historic vestiges but also the beautiful beach Piscinas.

Kenya – Forodhani House

Kenya - Forodhani House

In case you plan to spend a vacation with some friends , this is the spot to consider. The tall building looks over an amazing beach and the lodging is surely a beautiful one. The location is on the shore of the Indian Ocean so you can be sure that swimming and laying in the sun will be close to perfection. The villa accommodates 11 people.

CôtéOcéan in France


You will for sure love the new Angoulins budget resort on the Atlantic Coast of France. The beautifulaccommodation with 20 apartments is close to De Sea and also close to La Rochelle. The snacks and meals are brought from a deli shop and you can enjoy all the beautiful amenities (pool, Turkish bath, bar and table tennis). In case you want to celebrate with friends, you can only organize a dinner in the beautiful dining room.


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