When the city is burning and it seems the sunrays are turning you into a living torch, you may wish for a step out of the daily activities and go to Myrtle Beach, the pearl of beautiful Carolina, where the fun has no limits.

The 15 km long beach offers fun places for the tourists not only through the great number of hotels and pools, bars and clubs but also through a cosmopolite gathering of restaurants ready to meet the needs and desires of their clients.

The ocean breeze is fresh and it calls to you when you are ready to leave, cooling your skin, taking away your worries and encouraging your imagination to fly.

During nighttime the beach fills up with color and glittering, the white lights reflect on the white sand and the smooth guitar play is carried over the ocean waves inviting you to join the party.

Myrtle Beach is a place of rhythm and style, a place connected to the true way of life, meant to take away your worries and make you feel the freedom of having endless fun.

The exotic flowers are spreading their amazing perfume and leave you breathless with their lively colored petals while the palm tree is king here, being the symbol of the state.

A small walk will be extremely refreshing because the alleys guarded by palm trees and oleanders will for sure get you in the best mood everybody dreams about when thinking of vacation.

Photo Credit: Andy Arecco


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