Think of the Canary Islands, and visions of sunny days and moonlit nights on the beach dance through your head. How do you decide where you will go? The answer depends on what you are looking for. Hopefully this guide to the top five Canary Island beaches will help you get started on planning your trip.

canary-islandsPuerto de la Cruz

No guide to the Canary’s would be complete without a nod to Tenerife. There is something for everyone at Puerto de la Cruz. The largest island of the Canary’s boasts an amazing mountain view. If you love old world charm, check out the city center with its cobblestone streets. Prefer a more active vacation than just sitting on the beach or wandering the city streets? Head to the LagoMartianezwaterpark. For the beachfront, the Playa Jardincan not be beat.

El Golfo

If it is exotic natural beauty you are looking for, El Golfo is the beach for you. To find this gem, flythomascook will get you to Lanzarote, and then you will need to make your way out to El Golfo. This cove, which was created by volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago, will dazzle you with its brilliant colors.

Flooding of the cove resulted in a unique and dazzling green lagoon. This laps against an amazing black sand beach, resulting in an artistic contrast guaranteed to bring out your creative side.


Choosing one beach to visit on the island of Fuerteventura is almost a herculean task. On an island with over 100 beaches, there are choices for everyone’s taste. For the nature lover, Corralejo is the place to see. Corralejo offers beautiful white sands, and top notch resort to enjoy them. This beach, at the northeastern corner of Fuerteventura hosts a nature reserve, complete with sand dunes and safe habitats.


Head back to Lazarote if you are looking to surf your days away. Or paraglide. Or windsurf. Or kiteboard. The white sands of Farmara lead you to waves just waiting for you. Let the mountains inspire you to reach new heights.

Do those pink cliffs look familiar? Perhaps they are recognizable from the movies and films that have been shot here.


Looking for a beach experience where you can also see the forest and the trees? Head to La Gomera for a breathtaking beach experience.Hermigua is settled in the northeastern section of the island, not far from the World Heritage Site forest in the ParqueNacional de Garajonay.

Hermigua also boasts a natural seawater pool, as an alternative to days when the surf might be too choppy for comfort.

The Canaries truly do offer something for everyone. The only real question is where to start? Perhaps followed by the question “what are you waiting for?” Relaxation. Adrenaline. White sand. Black sand. Lagoons. Mountains. Forests. Nature preserves. With so many beaches to choose from, you are sure to find what you have been looking for in the Canary Island Beaches.


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