nile cruiseOne of the most wonderful and amazing journeys that everyone should try to take at some time in their lives, is a mystical cruise down the Nile for one or two weeks to enjoy the sensational attractions that a cruise through Egypt can offer.

Learn the wonders that this country takes us along the river that has been their source of life for thousands of years, and now we can enjoy beautiful boats making stops in the most impressive and attractive parts of Egypt.

Unlike many other trips that offer endless miles of open sea with little to view until you reach the next port of call, a Nile cruise offers a whole host of sights and the next one is waiting just around the next bend in the river.

Many of the attractions on a Nile cruise are simple and basic such as observing a traditional village life that has changed little in hundreds if not thousands of years.

Of course that are also the major and world renowned attractions such as the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, Cairo Museum and the beautiful city that houses it, or you can admire the Sphinx, the ancient buildings and temples, and enjoy the many smaller tourism sites dotted along the banks of the Nile, most activities are included in cruise vacation packages to Egypt.

Moreover, the crisis in the tourism sector and the strong competition between companies and extended Nile cruises from the Mediterranean will let you find a cruise to suit your budget.


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