If travelling could have been done at zero cost, perhaps you would have never seen anyone again! As fascinating the idea is, travelling is quite expensive and something you can afford only once in a while. If you want to travel comfortably and visit the heritage sites all over the world, then make sure that you plan out you travel keeping in mind the budget. Listed below are 6 tips that will help you to travel on a minimum budget.

6 Tips For Travelling On a Minimum Budget

1. Do your research

The most important part is to do a proper research on the places you want to travel. Compare the economy, currency rates, expenses, prices of travel tickets etc. before settling for a destination. If you are seeking to travel in Asia, then visit India, Nepal, Thailand or Bhutan or if your choice of touring is Europe, then go to Greece or to South America. This will not strain your budget.

2. Select a place to stay

Compare the hotel rates on online websites, and select a hotel whose rate per night is the lowest on the list. However, there’s an option that is more economical, If you visit a country during its holiday season, chances are that the college and university hostels will have a lot of empty rooms. Instead of booking a hotel, stay at a hostel for free. If you are seeking a longer vacation, then rent an apartment and do your own cooking and cleaning at very low rates.

3. Don’t travel solo

Travel with a group or with a travel agent. Traveling solo might be tempting and exciting, but traveling with a group cuts down travel expenses. With a group, you can share the cost of everything from dividing the expense of staying in a hotel by sharing a room, to sharing cab fare, restaurant bills and so on.

4. Off season tour

Travel in off season to save almost 50% of the cost of travelling in season. During off-season, everything ranging from travel ticket prices to hotel rooms are available at reasonable rates. Not only this, but you will also find that there are many options available in terms of ticket reservation, hotel rooms etc. The places are less crowded and more welcoming than when it’s in season and every hotel room is either booked or slapped with heavy rates and ticket prices are doubled.

5. Shopping sprees

Cut down on shopping if you want to save. If you need to buy stuff for your family, then check into the local stores and shops where the prices are quite low and affordable. Do not enter the showrooms and markets meant for tourists as the prices there are very exorbitant. Stick to the local markets for buying relics and souvenirs for your home. Bargain if you can. In countries like Thailand, India, Indonesia, the market price of an item can be usually bargained down to a quarter of its selling price.

6. Free amusements

Surf on Google or make the necessary inquiries to find out if there is any spot where one can spend a day for free or at very low costs. Every place in the world has amusement parks, heritage sites and other interesting spots where you can enter and hang out for free.


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