One of the most beautiful and un-crowded countries to visit on the face of the earth is Norway. It’s filled with magnificent fjords and spectacular landscapes and has a rich and interesting culture and history. One of the best ways to explore this wonderful land is to take a cruise down along its scenic coast.

This will enable you to get a firsthand view of its picturesque towns and charming fishing villages. You’ll also be able to make your way north of the winter wonderland known as the Arctic Circle. Here you’ll be able to witness some tremendous glaciers and amazing wildlife.

Norwegian Cruises

There are several cruises available in Norway, but most of them focus mainly on the wonderful fjords and coastal villages in the west. You can also find cruises that take in the Arctic and stop at the Svalbard Archipelago and Spitsbergen.

If you travel from Kirkenes to Stavanger, some of the country’s most popular attractions will await you. The town of Tromso, which sits quite a way north above the Arctic Circle has several interesting museums to visit. There’s also an environmental center called Polaria, where visitors can learn about Arctic ecology and wildlife.

The city of Trondheim is well known as a technological and educational center and features a wide variety of shops, and historical attractions, such as the Nidarosdomen Cathedral. It also has a bustling nightlife. The town of Bergen offers a look into the Norwegian way of life and has a busy fish market and historic wharf.

The cruise season in Norway takes place between March and December and the length of cruises generally vary between five and 14 days. They’re a great way to see the natural beauty of the land as well as its historic attractions. Most Norwegian cruises originate in the coastal towns of Bergen and Kirkenes, which is above the Arctic Circle, and you can reach these destinations by air.


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