Holiday’s are fun for the whole family, but when you have a family, they also take a bit more time to prep and plan. After bagging great cruise deals, here are a few great tips to think about for any family who is planning on taking a cruise with the kids.

Cruise-TravelPrep ’em

Get the kiddies ready for vacation with a few books or perhaps a fun research game online if they are old enough. When the kids know what to expect, there may not be as many surprises once you get on the boat. Routines for the little ones can be rough, so start talking and perhaps even practicing now. An earlier nap, an extra hour or two before snack time, all these practices can get any little one into a tantrum quick! Start a few days ahead of time if possible.

Cruise-Travel-activitiesKids Club

This will be the saving grace of your vacation, especially if the two adults would like an hour alone, maybe two? OK, let’s not get greedy now. When you sign up for the kids club on the boat, the kids will be having a blast and might not even want to leave, which means you might get more time to pursue the delicious food, the bar, or even some peace and quiet together at the pool. The kids club will essentially make your fun family cruise, a romantic cruise with your loved one, even if it’s only for a few hours.

Cabin Savvy

So you don’t want to spend all your cash on the nicest room onboard, but can you keep sane with the tiniest cabin for your family? The kids could go crazy in such a cramped space. It might be worth it to splurge an extra few bucks for the bigger one. It’s certainly worth looking into.

Bon Voyage!


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