Many people when planning a beach vacation in the southern region of the United States often head to Florida and North or South Carolina.

There is a treasure many are missing and that is Georgia’s Barrier Islands.

Georgia has five Barrier Islands and each one has a different flavor.

Let’s explore them and see which one is the ideal vacation destination for you and your family. [Family vacation ideas]

Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island can be found seven miles northeast of St. Mary’s. It is considered to be the East Coast’s most natural and unspoiled island. Much of the island is managed by the National Park Service because in 1972 it was declared a National Seashore.

On Cumberland Island you won’t find the usual amenities such as golf courses, tennis courts or swimming pools.  It is the ideal place if you are looking for walks along beaches that are undeveloped, fishing, exploring and swimming in the pristine Atlantic Ocean.

Jekyll Island

Situated just nine miles south of Brunswick, Jekyll Island has the distinction of once being the playground in the winter months for the rich and famous such as the Morgans, Pulitzers and Rockefellers. It is the smallest of Georgia’s islands.

It is no longer an exclusive closed society that it once was in its glorious past so anyone that is looking for white sand beaches that stretch for miles can feel free to make it their holiday destination.

There is a championship golf course as well as tennis complexes and many families come here because of the various outdoor recreational opportunities.

Sea Island

The Cloister Hotel has laid claim to Sea Island since 1928. You will find some of the most spectacular mansions and villas on the island.

The rich folk often own second homes which are designed in the style of Spanish-Mediterranean. If you can afford to rent a cottage, there are a few that are available, but Sea Island is not really suitable for the Average Joe.

St. Simons Island

Not only is it the Golden Isles largest island, it also boasts the most popular beaches. Biking through ancient oaks you can take in the magnificent scenery as you traverse the island.

There are golf courses for those fans of the sport as well as a variety of tennis courts. Many consider it to be a haven for vacationing families.

Little St. Simons Island

The only way to reach this island it is by a twenty minute ride by boat from St. Simons Island. Commercial development has not yet touched the wild beauty of the island.

It is just about three miles wide and six miles long and it is an island that is privately owned where the current proprietors have been welcoming guests since 1978.

There are only accommodations for twenty four so if you want to vacation on this pristine island you should make your reservations well in advance.


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