In case you are wondering where to spend your winter vacation, don’t hesitate to research the beauty of Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas is often associated with lots of pleasant stuffs – American sport scene, down-home barbeque, jazz fairs and festivals and great destinations where you can have the best fun.

Railroad Station

Railroad Station

The first strong impression you get from the city is probably the railroad station, which is a must-see in Kansas. The station was built in 1914 and it represents an important part of the city landmark.

Arabia Steamboat Museum

Another must in your Kansas trip is the Arabia Steamboat Museum, built near the Missouri River.

American Jazz Museum

The American Jazz Museum is also a major part of the culture in the city. This is the largest museum dedicated to the history of jazz and it`s archive is really impressive. The audio archive of the museum contains recordings of some of the best jazz artists in the history. The museum displays photography of jazz fests, artists and significant moments in the music history.

American Jazz Museum

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Another must-see in Kansas turns to be the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. The museum exposes the history of the National Negro Leagues, which was founded exactly in Kansas City back in 1920. In general, Kansas is surely a town for all of you who love sports. Here you can find all kind of sports activities, including hiking, which is actually very popular in Missouri.  A part of the city landmark is the regatta shows on the Missouri River.

In the summer, the town turns to a playground for boat and yacht lovers. In winter, the hiking is the most popular sport as Kansas offers great destinations for practicing this sport.

The American Royal

The American Royal is one of the popular annual attractions, which includes horse shows, rodeos and of course, the world’s largest barbeque competition. The tradition of American Royal is nearly 100 years old, but still attracts thousands of tourists in Kansas.

Toy & Miniature Museum

In case you are planning a family vacation, take the children to the Toy & Miniature Museum of Kansas City. Their special exhibition is about America’s Favorite dolls and mostly the anniversary of Barbie. In case you don’t know, Barbie’s birthplace is exactly Kansas.

Holiday Lights

Another great thing about the city is the holiday lights, which are extremely impressive. The city’s festive displays are also part of the 78th annual Country Club Plaza’s Season of Lights. You can observe this memorable light Christmas show on the top of the Liberty Memorial Tower, which is 66 meters tall; it is one of the main attractions in Kansas City.


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