St. George is considered the patron saint of England and it is celebrated on 23rd April every year. One unique way to mark this day is by staying in a hotel named after this revered saint. Here are 10 hotels in England named after St. George and ideal for a stay on this day.

1. St. George’s Court, North Yorkshire

St. George’s Court, North Yorkshire

Situated in the countryside of the picturesque Yorkshire, St. George’s Court is more of a farm stay. The hotel has cottage rooms set across the 20-acres of farmland on which it is situated. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful day of fishing in the small lake and enjoying wildlife sightings. The well appointed rooms have great views and the standard of upkeep is on par or even better than 5 star hotels.

2. K+K Hotel George, London

K+K Hotel George, London

Housed in a Victorian town hall, K+K Hotel George is located in Kensington, London. The hotel has well laid out rooms with best quality furnishings set in the classic English décor. The hotel has a lush green garden and the 4 patios make the visitor relaxed instantly. The fact that it is very close to the tube shows its accessibility.

3. The George of Stamford, Lincolnshire

The George of Stamford, Lincolnshire

The hotel has an old world charm to it as it has been around for a long long time – 947 AD at that. The building of The George of Stamford has many historical references in addition to a medieval crypt located beneath the cocktail bar. The hotel is famous for its 47 unique rooms and the excellent food in addition to the great ambience that transport you into time.

4. The George Hotel, Gloucestershire

The George Hotel, Gloucestershire

The George Hotel at Gloucestershire is one of the finest Regency hotels, which was built in the mid 19thcentury. The highlight of this hotel is its fine dining service and its central location. Visitors have the advantage of taking a stroll to explore the town from here.

5. George Hotel, Derbyshire

George Hotel, Derbyshire

George Hotel at Derbyshire is a 5 centuries old coaching inn located in the Peak District. The rooms are very Victorian in their set up and have luxurious furniture and furnishings. It is a charming hotel with very helpful staff and makes for a good getaway.

6. The George Hotel, Hampshire

The George Hotel, Hampshire

Located close to the harbor and railway station, The George Hotel has everything that a traveler looks for. It is liked for its proximity to the museums including the historic dockyard museum that displays a collection of old ships such as the HMS Warrior, Victory etc. the hotel is also known for its clean and airy rooms and of course the good food.

7. The George Hotel, Northamptonshire

The George Hotel, Northamptonshire

Built in the mid 19th century, The George Hotel has only 6 rooms. The food is the highlight of this hotel as it offers many vegetarian delicacies too. The ambience is great and their service is excellent.

8. Royal George Hotel, Gloucestershire

Royal George Hotel, Gloucestershire

Situated in 27 acres of meadows on the famous Cotswold Hills, Royal George Hotel is an old 17thcentury building with 34 rooms. Each of the rooms opens into the garden and offers spectacular views of the valley below. This is the best place to visit with family and pets.

9. The George, Devon

The George, Devon

A small hotel, The George has only 11 rooms housed inside an old building close to the market square in Hatherleigh. Every room has luxurious furnishings and the restaurant provides great food at affordable price.

10. The George Hotel & Brasserie, Cambridgeshire

The George Hotel & Brasserie, Cambridgeshire

Located in Buckden, The George Hotel & Brasserie hotel has a lot of historic relevance as it was here that Henry VIII sanctioned residential quarters for Catherine of Aragon after his separation from her. There are 12 rooms named after a George – George Orwell, George Best and the like.


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