Summer is a time when most families are planning on a vacation. Having a toddler or a baby must not deter you from enjoying the outdoors. Here are a few must have baby and toddler travel gear.

1. Car Seat Accessory

Car Seat Accessory

This is a must for every trip involving a child as you inevitably hit the road. Choosing a quality car seat is very important given that you would be driving long distances on the highways. In addition to this as the drive would be long it is important that the baby is seated in complete comfort. Wallaboo Newborn Footmuff is one accessory that protects that helps keep the baby’s feet in place and cozy too.

2. Light Weight Buggy

Light Weight Buggy

An umbrella stroller is a must for all travel involving babies. Johnston Prams & Buggies has the best range of buggies for your little one. They fold into one compact pack and are very light in weight.

3. Carry Cot

Carry Cot

This might seem like a bulky thing to take along. But a carry cot can save you quite a bit of trouble especially when it is Micro Carrycot. This cot is not just ultra light but also folds into a very compact box that fits under the seat of your car.

4. UV Clothing

UV Clothing

Outdoors can be quite harsh when it comes to traveling and for a small child it is even more harmful. To protect your little one from the harmful UV rays of the sun get at couple of UV Sun Suits. They come in a variety of clothing options from pants and shirts to onesies.

5. First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

Family first aid kits may not contain everything you want for your baby when traveling. So it is better to get a compact baby first aid kit which contains all pediatric dosages and aids customized for an infant’s sensitive skin.

6. Sunscreens


Another way to keep your baby protected from the harmful sunlight is by carrying sunscreens specially formulated for babies. Sun Sense Ultra 50 is one of the best available in this category and a must in your travel list.

7. Baby Harness

Baby Harness

When traveling it is possible that fatigue takes over us at some point. Little Life Baby Harness is a gear which will keep your baby safe no matter what. You can entrust your child’s safety to this gear and enjoy your holiday hands free.

8. Travel Baths and Potties

Travel Baths and Potties

Giving your baby a bath or helping your toddler use the toilet seat can be quite a challenge when traveling. Fret not, there are travel baths and potties that are lightweight and come in portable options.Summer Infant is one such brand which makes excellent toilet and bath accessories for babies.

9. Insect Nets

Insect Nets

Insects can be quite a bother even for the adults. Babies and toddlers have to be protected from them no matter what. Insect nets come handy in dealing with such situations in any location. Jane Universal Insect Net is one such product which can be used on any pram, buggy or carry cot.

10. Waterproof Mattress Sheet

Waterproof Mattress Sheet

Traveling obviously involves staying in hotels and this means using the beds available there. It is important that you carry a waterproof mattress sheet along so that any accidents due to the baby do not spoil the beds and bore a dent in your pocket.


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