While planning for a break, you need to focus on the place where you are going to stay as the accommodation comfort is one of the major things that is needed while touring.

Wrong choice of a hotel can ruin your holiday trip but if you choose a perfect abode away from home; you will surely have a memorable vacation. Though price is the most determining factor while booking hotels, there are some other aspects which you will have to bring into spotlight as well –

things to consider while selecting a hotel1. Location

Location should be the first priority while choosing a hotel. Depending on the purpose of your trip, you have to select your hotel location. If your trip is based on official intention, then the centre of the city will be the best location. Proximity to fun parks, tourist attractions, restaurants will rule your decision if you are looking out for a holiday trip with your family.

2. Amenities

Amenities should be just what you need for a comfortable stay. If you are on a family holiday trip then hotels with the facilities of swimming pool, kid’s alliances will draw your attention. But if the purpose is business trip, then you will need to choose hotel well equipped with WiFi ability, conference rooms, secretarial and business services.

3. Parking

Parking will be the next factor if you are travelling with your car. Things to check in this regard are whether the hotel offers parking or not, whether it is safe or not, how much it charges etc.

4. Stars

Now- a- days hotels are being categorized on the basis of stars. Hence it is vital to check this status while you are choosing your hotel. Hotels with more star rating will offer you more facilities. Therefore you have to decide whether you want to opt more economical (budget) or more luxurious accommodation option.

5. Complementary Breakfast

With the facility of complementary breakfast, you might have to take up the budget higher. Some hotels rooms are equipped with appliances like refrigerators or micro-oven so that you can make your own snacks and brunches. Check if these call for extra charges, or if you at all need them. In case you have small kids with you, you would surely prefer these facilities.

6. Pet- Friendly

If you are a pet lover and do not want to leave your loved one alone, you have to choose a pet- friendly hotel for your trip. The hotel should provide the facilities according to the needs of your pet or you can ask them to arrange the needed pet amenities on the acceptance of extra fees.

7. Reliability versus locality flavor

Reliability versus locality flavor can act as one of the deciding factor while choosing hotels. If you want to cherish local flavor, you can stay in a family-owned hotel (they are cheaper as well!). Otherwise branded and larger hotel chains are there to fulfill all your expectations.

8. Online reviews

Online reviews will always help you to choose the perfect place for your trip. Some websites are solely devoted to this purpose from where you can obtain experiences of real customers to get a sense of what you are looking forward.

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