While going to the beach can be fun, it could be also the place where you might be exposed to lot of hazards. Besides the very obvious hazard of drowning in the sea, the others hazards could range from getting the skin getting burnt to getting a sunstroke.

You might even get stung by a marine creature and all these would definitely mar the fun of your vacation. Therefore, take precautions to be safe when at the beach for a vacation.

Following are a few safety tips to make your beach vacation enjoyable, safe and memorable.

safe beach vacation1. Learn to Swim

Obviously the most logical safety step would be to learn how to swim when you are going near water. You do not need to be a world class swimmer, but if you can swim comfortably and stay afloat that will save you from drowning.

2. Protect against Sun

The next very important tip would be to save yourself from the sun. In an overzealous effort to get a Baywatch model tan, do not end up burning your skin. For this make sure you are using liberal quantities of sunscreen or sunblock cream. Also save your eyes from the sun with a good pair of sunglasses.

Apply serum to your hair to save from the sun or you may even opt for a bandana if you are going to be out in the sun for long. Wear sandals or appropriate footwear to protect your feet while walking on the sand as the hot sand might burn your feet or the shells might wound them.

3. Keep yourself Hydrated

Long exposure to sunshine can not only be harmful for your skin, hair or eyes, it may end up making you dehydrated too. Take precaution against this by drinking lots of fluids in the form of water or some other drinks with isotonic salts.

In case you already feel dehydrated, immediately take precautions by drinking water with a little salt added to it. Splash cool water to the face and neck. Seek the doctor’s help immediately.

4. Protect yourself against Poisonous Marine Creatures

Make sure that you are not stepping on small marine creatures while you are on the beach. Look out for small bulbous creatures which might look small but are very poisonous. If you accidentally step on one, immediately wash off the area with cool clean water.

5. Be aware of the Water before Entering it

Look if there are any warning signs kept at the shore before you enter the water. Also be aware of the tide timings and the other conditions like temperature of water before you enter it.

Following the above tips will surely keep you safe on the beach and help you spend a lovely vacation.

Photo Credit By: indochinaleisure.com


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