Some travel destinations are just out-of-this place, literally! These are best kept secretsin the world of pleasure travel.

5 Best Secret Travel Destinations of the World

In this article we bring to you the 5 such travel destinations you have never heard of.

1. Lord Howe Island, Australia

This small island off the coast of Sydney is just 2 hours away by air. It is a crescent-shaped island, just enough for a seven mile run from one tip to the other. It engulfs a marine lagoon and is laced by emerald mountains.

This island is home to 18 hotels, one main street and the Neds Beach. It is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy your holiday doing just nothing.

2. Saint-Sauvant, France

This quietly tucked away landlocked country-side destination is situated in the heart of the cognac county. Saint-Sauvant is a quaint little village set in a medieval backdrop. It has a fort, four streets and one hotel – the Design Hôtel des Francs Garçons. If you want to get lost in time then this is the best place to be. Though the village and the exterior of the hotel seem like straight of the 14th century, the interiors of the hotel provide all modern amenities without the hustle and bustle of modern day life.

3. Keahiakawelo, Lanai, Hawaii

With its red rock gardens and life size boulders, Keahiakawelo resembles Mars more than Earth. The land is very arid and the strong winds from the oceans roll the rocks around. That is not all; you also have a lovely hotel by the beach called Hotel Lanai. Its City Grille serves the best of Hawaii’s gourmet food. The plantation-style rooms are a perfect combination of comfort and luxury.

4. Sucre, Bolivia

Situated in South America, Sucre is a culture rich tourist destination that very few people know. It has neat, white-washed buildings and contrast colorful people. Their culture is so full of color and vibrancy that even a potato sack would be woven in patterns. Unlike the other places listed so far, this is a well populated town with houses modeled around brick ceilings and courtyards.

5. Wuppertal, South Africa

A craggy valley tucked away in the mountains of Cederberg, Wuppertal is a quiet farming village in South Africa. This is perfect for those who want to be far away from the madding crowd and like a combination of wilderness and country living. Accommodation and food are simple, basic and comfortable. The location is close to the Beverlac natural reserve which you can explore at your own pace once you are done lazing around at Wuppertal.

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