1. Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is part of the Chinese culture and history; therefore you should visit and see the home of the emperors. This complex was built and served as a residence to all emperor families for more than 500 years.

2. Giant Panda Breeding Research Base

Have you ever seen a giant Panda? If not, then the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is exactly the place to visit. It is part of the Wolong Natural Park and it is one of most interesting parts of the Chinese fauna and flora.

The research base is keeping the giant pandas in their natural habitat. You will be amazed how friendly those animals are and moreover you can even feed them and play with the bears.

3. Chinese Opera In Beijing

Forget the typical Italian Opera. In Beijing opera is far more attractive and exotic. Make sure you are attending some typical Chinese opera, for it is an absolute adventure.

The customs are made to follow the tradition, while the actors and the singers are really amazing as they introduce something really different, even as an art.

4. Macau

Macau means just one thing – gamble. It really differs from Las Vegas and the more it differs, the more tourists like it. Macau is adrenalin for any gamblers, so don’t miss it!

5. Taste The Peking Duck

Get involved in preparing one of the most popular Chinese meals. Here each guest can prepare the duck with the help of a professional.


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