Though traveling with a family can be fun, dealing with kids and their paraphernalia will definitely slow you down. For those of you who are planning for kids but do not have them yet, here are 8 places you must visit before your bundles of joy arrive.

1. Paris, France

Paris, France

Well, this is the ultimate romantic destination and a must visit for anyone. Strolling along the streets and riding down the Seine with your partner are just some of the things you will love doing in this romantic city, at your own pace, leaving all the cares of the world. This is the perfect time for you to cuddle into each others’ arms under the Eiffel Tower. Make sure you book yourself a charming antique hotel, which will not be possible once you have kids with you.Another tip is to book your tickets in advance to avail cheap airfares to France.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand

As this is one long trip from anywhere other than Australia, visiting New Zealand tops our list. Lugging kids around the flights and the natural wonders of this country will take the fizz out of the trip. So make the New Zealand tour before it is too late. Start from Auckland and head towards the Bay of Islands for adventurous activities such as hiking and sailing. South Island is a must for wine and vineyard tours. Make a trip to the town of Oamaru to watch the blue penguins marching up and down.

3. Disney World, USA

Disney World, USA

If you are wondering why this is on our list then let me tell you experiencing Disney land as an adult is very different from that of a child. There are many activities in Disney land that are more for the adults, like the gourmet restaurants and cozy cottages away from the main park area. Another perk of visiting Disney land without kids is that you can try out less expensive and couple-friendly that are less in demand in this location.

4. Route 66 Road Trip, USA

Route 66 Road Trip, USA

Road trips with kids can be quite an adventure to plan with kids. Children do not enjoy drives per se and curvy drives are more of a disaster with motion sickness and having to listen to rhymes. The best way to do it is start from Santa Monica and going all the way to Chicago, driving 2000 miles from coast to coast. Stop over at the Grand Canyon, retro diners and the Route 66 Museum in Oklahoma.

5. Napa Valley, USA

Napa Valley, USA

If vineyards and wine attract you then Napa Valley is a must visit. With more the 400 wineries located in this valley, you could feast on all varieties of wine as long as you are there. Well this plan does not by any means spell kids-friendly. This could be your only chance to embark on a bike tour of the Napa Valley and enjoy wine tasting and gourmet delights of this predominantly French setting.

6. Macau, China

Macau, China

The very word Macau spells casinos – the Chinese answer to Las Vegas. Gambling, drinks and food – none of these are really for kids, are they? So now you know why we are hinting at this destination in our list. Counted among the top gambling destinations, it is well worth the trip with your guy friends oryour partner if she is game for it.

7. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Being the destination of ardent Buddhists around the world, Angkor is a place for peace and quiet, which obviously does not go with most kids. Spread over 494,000 acres, this ancient heritage site of the 9th century is replete with archeological relics and unique architecture of that time. It takes no less than 3 days to explore the complex even briefly.

8. Transatlantic Cruise

Transatlantic Cruise

This is one hell of a long cruise that involves at least 2 weeks of sea journey, even if you want to keep it to the minimum. So a Transatlantic cruise already seems like a trip not happening with stir crazy kids in tow. They are more of an adventure trip than a fantasy tour. Hurry up and book your cruise trip to the Atlantic while it is still a possibility.


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