When the guys get together they usually head for destinations they wouldn’t go with their girlfriends or wives. The next time you get together with your male friends you may want to consider these Canadian destinations.

1. Alberta – The Calgary Stampede

Alberta The Calgary Stampede

While the Stampede has plenty of action during the cowboy events, a lot of guys go here to eat. In fact, some of the best-tasting arena food can be tasted here at the event. This includes ribs, pancakes, deep-fried pickles, corn dogs, beef on a bun, deep fried- Twinkies, and chicken on a stick.

2. Montreal, Quebec – St. Catherine Street

Montreal Quebec St. Catherine Street

This is one of the most exciting streets in Montreal. You’ll find plenty of shops, clubs, entertainment centers, and gentlemen’s clubs. You’ll find some history along the route as the historic Montreal Forum hockey and entertainment arena can be found here.

3. British Columbia – Tofino

British Columbia Tofino

Tofino attracts quite a crowd in the summers even though it’s just a small picturesque town on the west coast of Canada. It’s one of the best destinations in the nation for surfing. The scenery is beautiful and there’s a good chance you’ll meet a lot of people here who share the same interests.

4. Prince Edward Island – The Rodd Crowbush Golf and Beach Resort

Prince Edward Island The Rodd Crowbush Golf and Beach Resort

This is an ideal place to visit after a round of golf on the scenic Atlantic Ocean shores. There’s a spa here which is superb for relaxing and receiving a golfer’s massage as well as a gentleman’s pedicureand manicure. If you’re in the mood you can also get a facial.

5. Ontario – Highway 17

Ontario Highway 17

If you’re a motorcycle rider you should definitely think about heading down Highway 17. You can catch the road just outside of the nation’s capital city of Ottawa, Ontario. If you’d like the most scenic route you can follow the Ottawa River as it takes you to the edge of Algonquin Provincial Park.

6. Nova Scotia-Ingonish Beach –The Highland Links Golf Club

Nova Scotia Ingonish Beach The Highland Links Golf Club

Most golfers regard this jewel to be one of the country’s top golf courses. You’ll find it in beautiful Cape Breton Island along the northern shore. The scenery and views from the course are fantastic and it’s an ideal place to practice your golfing skills with your buddies.

7. Manitoba


If you’d really like to explore the vast northern wilderness of Canada you can do it in the northern region of the province of Manitoba. It’s remote and offers an exceptional Arctic adventure. You can explore the region while keeping an eye out for polar bears. Another good way to explore the area is to take a sea plane trip to South Knife River. When you reach it, there’s nothing like a rafting expedition into the boreal forest.

8. Newfoundland, Shoal Harbour – Grey River Lodge

Newfoundland Shoal Harbour Grey River Lodge

You need to take a sea plane or helicopter to reach the lodge. It’s quite remote and the lodge can house larger groups if you plan on exploring the region with your friends. You can cook your own meals outdoors or have the staff prepare them for you. You’ll probably catch or hunt your own dinners as the big game hunting and fishing is plentiful.

9. Toronto, Ontario – The Hockey Hall of Fame

Toronto Ontario The Hockey Hall of Fame

If you’re like most Canadian males it means you love ice hockey. There’s no better place to explore the history and traditions of the sport than at the Hockey Hall of fame in Toronto. There are all sorts of displays and exhibits as well as interactive sites and games. You’ll be able to see the league’s trophies such as the Stanley Cup as well as the memorabilia from the game’s most famous players and events.


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