There’s a small country that lies on the west coast of Central Africa called Gabon, which is quite delightful and interesting to visit. The population is about 1.5 million and almost half of them make their home in Libreville, which is the capital city of Gabon.

Gabon gained its independence from France in 1960, and you’ll find that French is still the nation’s official language. You’ll also hear a local language known as Fang as well as a few other dialects.

Libreville is a coastal city and it’s a pretty lively and charming spot. There are plenty of interesting places to visit there such as the Village des Artisans, the National Museum, Peyrie Gardens, the harbour, Mount Bouet Market, and the Cathedral of St Michael.

The western part of Gabon lies next to the Atlantic Ocean, which means there is about 500 miles of wonderful coastline which consists of lagoons, bays, estuaries, and sandy beaches.

The coast of Gabon is ideal for diving, swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. Some of the bestswimming can be found at Cap Esterias.

It’s pretty hot and humid there because of the equatorial climate and there’s a rainy season from October to May.

The interior of Gabon is filled with savannah and lush vegetation. There are numerous towns and cities to visits, such as Moanda, Mouila, Port Gentil, Lambarene, Oyem, and Franceville. Many of the townshave been built close to Gabon’s many rivers.

You’ll also find some fantastic African wildlife, which includes gorillas, parrots, panthers, and elephants.

The Moukalaba and Wonga-Wongue National Parks are wonderful places to explore the countryside and wildlife as is the Lope-Okanda reserve.

The villages of M’Bigou and Eteke are known for their local crafts and gold mines. The Bateke Plateau area features savannah, tropical forests, and some adventurous rivers and bridges. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’ll be glad to hear the rivers boast a wide variety of fish and you’ll be able to rent some gear over at Port Gentil.

While all of Gabon’s rivers and lakes are ideal for fishing, many local fishermen try their luck in the lagoons at the mouth of the Ogoue River.

There’s an international airport and a seaport in Libreville. You can reach the country by road from the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Cameroon. You can also explore the country by air as there a couple of hundred airstrips and airports in total, including Franceville and Port Gentil.

You can also view the coastline by taking a ferry along it from Libreville to Port Gentil. Exploring the country by train is another good option as there are stations in Franceville, Libreville, Ndjole, and Moanda. Travelling by road can be pretty rough in the rainy season.

The food is just as interesting as the country and you’ll find French and continental dishes aplenty. You should also be able to try cuisine from the Congo, Cameroon, and Senegal. Libreville hosts most of the nightlife with an assortment of bars and a few casinos.

The most interesting of them can be found in the city’s African quarter. Gabon offers an excellent variety of culture, history, wildlife, coastline, sights, sounds, and food.


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