Bronx Zoo, United nation’s largest metropolitan wild life preserve includes more than 4,000 animals in its extensive 265 acres of land.

Bronx Zoo has transformed into unique habitats for most of the animals in zoo like zebras, gorillas and other unique creatures.

Main attractions

Congo gorilla forest

This is the Bronx Zoo’s exclusive exhibit that features 6.5 acres of forest, streams, rock promontories, sunny meadows and Treetop Mountains. This is the home for two wonderful species of Low land gorillas. Apart from watching 22 gorillas, you can also enjoy looking at red river hogs, mandrills and Debrazza’s monkeys.

African Plains

This particular place features Trek past lions, zebras and storks. You can also find herds of gazelles, giraffes and African wild dogs.

Jungle world

You’ll feel like as if you air in Asia’s tropic jungle as and when you enter into jungle world. The tropical climate suits better for Otters, gibbons, mangroves and other critters.

With the traffic of the trees, you can see white cheeked gibbons swinging from one place to another. If you visit jungle world in the morning, you can also hear the singing of gibbons. At the end of the journey, you can relax in a boat on the pond and enjoy river turtles swimming underneath.

Apart from these, you can also enjoy butterfly garden, overnight safari, big bears at Bronx Zoo.


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